God Cannot Be Rendered As The Cause Of Evil Essay

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Journal 2 God can never be rendered as the cause of evil, as “one who does not love does not know God, for God is love” (1 John 4:8). Humans are the cause of all evil. Bishop Barron states, since God is straight, pure love, “God cannot directly will something wicked. The second thing is that God is described as being itself therefore God cannot ground or cause the non-being which is evil” (Fr. Robert Barron on God, Tsunamis, and the Problem of Evil). Evil exists in our world today because of a misuse of the free will. What is evil? Frist, evil is not a sort of knowledge. Evil, described as a sort of entity acting against the good, does not exist. Much like darkness is not opposite to light but rather a lack of it, so evil is just another word that means the …show more content…
God’s creation is a reflection of Him; creation, just like God, is perfect. God is the very essence and cause of all being. God is, as Aquinas states, “ipsum esse subsistens”, or the subsistent act to be itself. God is love and the foundation of all that exists. Therefore love is consequently the base of all creation, and everything created out of love, is a reflection, because it mirrors a higher greater good, that which is God. Therefore, an evil, created by God, cannot exist, for a God who is love, and who can only cause things into being by love does not create evil. God “looked at everything he created and was very pleased” (Genesis.1.31). According to the hierarchy of being, humans are the only ones who are capable of understanding, and therefore reasoning. Since God has given us a free will, one is able to reason between right and wrong. Evil when, caused directly by humans is both a choice and action. One does something evil as an act against God, yet evil in itself is not an actual entity opposing God. When one chooses to do evil he is merely displaying a deficiency of love, and striving for that which is

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