Essay on God And The Holy Spirit

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In the beginning God created the world as we know it. Father God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit were busy creating, God said and the Holy Spirit moved. They felt their creation was good, our God is relational and each member had an important part in the creation of our wonderful world.
God knew something was missing in this huge jigsaw puzzle. God said let us make man in our image and when he looked at Adam for the first time he exclaimed this is very good. He loved this first man so much he gave him a gift (the first birthday gift known to man) of a mate so Adam would not feel loneliness . God knew us humans require relationship for our survival, Adam called his mate woman and God walked with Adam in the cool of the evening through the garden as loving friends do.

God watched as his creation multiply and subdue the earth as he commanded after the fall from grace by Adam and Eve. However mankind had become disobedient and on many occasions began worshiping pagan gods. They became an immoral race and God planned to flood the earth and destroy his corrupt creation. He longed for a relationship with his people but his people became independent of his lordship.
God searched the land and found one man and his family who loved and worshiped him. Without this remnant God knew he would have to recreate mankind. Noah was chosen to be an integral part in the re-establishment of the inhabitants of earth after the destruction of the flood.

The seed of Adam was…

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