God And The Beloved : A Journey Of Understanding Love Essay

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God and the Beloved: A Journey in Understanding Love In renaissance poetry, one of the major themes is found in the correlation of god and love. The religious tradition states that these two idols are one in the same, but four poets show that the beloved can quickly steal this spotlight. Starting with Emmanuel Petrarch, we can see his painful devotion to his beloved Laura, was one of the spark’s of the renaissance era; only to be somewhat mocked by Sir Philip Sidney’s humorous remarks about love and relationships. Brining a focus on Neo-Platonic ideas, John Donne and Katherine Phillips brought an understanding between holy/metaphysical ideas and the bodily bond of the beloved, providing insight that love means being equal with the spouse. The legacy of these poets have showed us that love is formed in the sweet-spot of mortality and divinity, and through their literature, you can see how the truth is revealed. In Francisco Petrarch 's collection of sonnets, Selections from the Canzoniere and Other Works, the holy priest writes about his heartache over a woman named Laura. In sonnet 47 Petrarch beautifully describes Laura as someone who “Have made the woodlands echo with her name;” (Selections from the Canzoniere and Other Works, Sonnet 47). Petrarch 's deep love is very reluctant, and he usually ends up disregarding his passion as pain, referring to Laura as “The sighs, the tears, the languishment, the love.” (Sonnet 47). Petrarch deeply describes himself as “oppressed,”…

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