Goals of Community Corrections. Essay

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Identify the goals of Community Corrections and determine if the goals are being met. What would be your team 's recommendation to improve Community Corrections?

Today, 3 out of every 4 persons under correctional supervision in the United States are on some form of community-based custody-mostly probation or parole-although community corrections also includes halfway houses, residential centers, work furlough, and all other programs for managing the offender in the community.

It is a legal status, an alternative to incarceration, a service-delivery mechanism, and an organizational entity. As an organizational entity, it has objectives and performs a wide range of activities-some totally unrelated to offender supervision and/or treatment.
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What exactly are Community Corrections protecting us from? It seems to me that Community Corrections are more avid in protecting profits, not people. The concept was developed 150 years ago in order to keep track of, punish, or incarcerate (remove) individuals who pose a problem to society.

Vanessa personally thinks it is a huge joke and its funny how everyone accepts it. Community Correction 's say, "A community must

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