Why I Want To Be A Great Teacher

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As I write my last undergraduate journal many emotions run through my veins as I think about my past, present and future. The struggles over the five years I have spend educating me, Tiaira Greene to be a teacher, a special educator filled with promise of a better tomorrow. I know I can and will make a difference in that tomorrow. It brings forth shivers, warmth of passion, and that peculiar sensation of that unknown excitement that is soon to be before me. The fear of the unknown is just ahead of me, of what is to come, yet knowing I hold the essential knowledge necessary to be such a teacher because of the time spent at the College of St. Rose, is warming to my veins. I am nervous, but ready.
As I reflect on my overall performance in
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I am far from perfect, but gaining insight on being a great teacher every day that I have the opportunity to be a part of this society. I am ready to bring my knowledge and passions to whatever opportunities await me. I am excited and grateful for the opportunities to help make the lives of my future students a tad bit better. My greatest challenge will be learning what is best for every individual student that I have the opportunity to teach. I look forward to celebrating success, no matter how small or large, to building on those successes, identifying areas of improvement, determine why I may have failed at something, and create a plan for improvement, adjusting lessons and procedures to the benefit of my students. Knowing I will success and failure along the way prepare me in being a great teacher, with the hope of more success over failures keeps me optimistic for a wonderful career. I fondly look forward to building all those memories. Thank you College of St. Rose for providing me the opportunity to build those future

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