Goals Of Phase One Essay

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*Goals of Phase One (Mikaela Romano):
The main goals of our group during phase one is to finalize the design of our jacket and blanket and to schedule time to work with Mrs. Freeman during phases two and three. The biggest goal of this phase for our group is to start our prototype and to work out all of the kinks with our design.
Past, Present, and Future Technology (Kaley Barnes):
The pas of the modern day sweatshirt and athletic attire is very interesting. In the 1960s, athletic clothing was usually made of cotton. Because it was made of cotton, the clothing was extremely heavy compared to modern day athletic wear. Cotton is not the best fabric for athletes because it does not absorb sweat unlike lycra, which is what modern athletic wear consists of. However, lycra and other fabrics
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To start, the sweatshirt or hoodie has a very large significance in today 's …show more content…
The specifics of the current design were made by Jacob. He has a knack for seeing the big picture product and was able to turn a simple idea into something more scientifically advanced by incorporating biomimicry into the design. In phase zero, there was a communication mishap that resulted in Jacob turning his portion of the phase zero proposal and lit review in at a later time than the rest of the group. However, Jacob has most definitely recovered from this mishap and has shown extreme dedication and commitment to meeting early and modified deadlines to prevent to the situation from occurring again. It is an honor and privilege to work with Jacob. He has shown passion and exemplary effort in phase one, and I sincerely look forward to the contributions he will make for this project in the near and somewhat distant

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