Goals For Students With Teenagers And Younger Children Essay

1282 Words Dec 8th, 2015 6 Pages
End of Semester Paper As I read my previous paper on goals for the semester in terms of development as a therapist, I would like to highlight two main goals: learning how to work better with teenagers and younger children. Working with teenagers is unique. It is a distinct population when compared to adult/elder and younger children. Teenagers explore the world and try new things. As they desire independence, some may be discouraged because they grew up in a dysfunctional family with lack of parental support or any type of abuse. Teenagers may feel inadequate to achieve anything, so they may not even attempt to put efforts into schoolwork. Also, the chronic depression may be exacerbated followed by best friend’s betrayal, breakups, or deaths in the family. I believe that they are vulnerable yet have potentials to bloom. For the past few months, I worked with a 13-year-old girl who gets angry easily and engages in self-harm behaviors. This is the girl I shared in class after I made a child abuse report without informing her of my action in advance. Although she had mentioned clearly that she understands my legal obligation as a mandated reporter, she seemed distant and angry towards me. After getting a feedback from class, I expressed a sincere apology to her and then worked to repair our rapport by playing Ungame-teen version, which was an excellent tool that worked well to reconnect our therapeutic relationship. She not only enjoyed playing it but also opened up more…

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