Essay about Goals For My Future Classroom

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Vision Statement:
Goals for My Future Classroom According to Jensen (1998), “as a teacher, you have more influence over the volition and engagement of your students than you may realize” (p. 2230). With this in mind, I want to ensure that as a future educator, I will become known as a helper, supporter, and teacher who is passionate about her job and her students. I feel these qualities reflect on students the most. I will strive for excellence in the teaching world. My goal for my future classroom is to be the best motivator I can be because without motivation, students’ learning cannot be accessed to its fullest extent. I want to eliminate as many sources of demotivation as I can by mastering the qualities of a great teacher, practicing excellent teaching styles and managing a positive classroom environment. To ensure my students are motivated to participate and master the objectives of all my lessons, I must utilize and model good teaching qualities. Such qualities involve, acting and dressing professionally, abiding by all rules and regulations, keeping an unbiased perspective and staying up to date with technology, research and resources available. To make sure the students are engaged in the lessons, I will hold high expectations and ensure my lessons and activities are challenging. To eliminate demotivation, Jensen (1998) purposes a great question to ask when planning instruction, “Why work hard when what you’re working on doesn’t seem to matter” (p. 2243)? To help…

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