Assignment 1.3 Individual Goals

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I. Goal #1: Get heavily involved in multiple student organizations in my freshman academic year.
A. I will use the Student Organization Center, found on, and also use OrgSync to discover unique and enriching opportunities to make connections in both academic and social organizations.
B. Step #1: I have already been to five student groups so far, and will continue to explore as many organizations as possible before I decide where to commit my time and energy.
C. Step #2: I plan to eventually pledge my efforts into a maximum of two or three groups, because I do not want to stretch myself too thinly during this year. I also want to have enough energy and time to form better relationships with others, instead of becoming
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I will often visit the Student Success Center to receive assistance in a variety of different subjects, including PLTL and the Math Lab.
B. Step #1: When school resumes in Fall 2017, I will choose to not bring any complacency I may have developed during freshman year. Instead, I will continue to work just as hard as I did in the past, and not take any grade for granted.
C. Step #2: Whenever I encounter difficulties in my classes, I will head to the Student Success Center whenever possible, instead of thinking I can do it all on my own. I will also seek help from my classmates and professors.
D. Step #3: I plan to skip procrastination and laziness in tackling school assignments. Even though the temptation may be strong to push off work until later, I will instead invert this method of thinking; I will work first, and then enjoy afterwards.
III. Goal #3: Seek an internship in my junior year, and use my experience to continue to progress my career.
A. I plan to use the Industrial Practice Programs (IPP) and Career Center throughout my internship
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Step #1: I plan to research the websites of both resources to find out the schedules for orientation meetings, job fairs, and other important events. Specifically, I want to look up job fairs for a company that my family is currently involved in working, like Raytheon. If that does not work out, I plan to attend numerous job fairs for other CS-based companies, and not ruling out any opportunities I may have.
C. Step #2: I plan to continue to train my speaking ability and work on developing my skills in programming and all other CS aspects.
D. Step #3: After being accepted into an internship, I plan to make the most of my time by actively participating beyond the required expectations in my endeavors. Also, I want to develop a passion for my work, because I want my future job to be enjoyable and invigorating.
IV. Goal #4: Before my college experience is finished, I want to make the most of my academic and networking experience, especially during senior year.
A. I plan to use all academic resources (Student Success Center, internship experience, and assistance from others) to not only maintain my GPA, but to truly learn and enjoy my education. Afterwards, the grades will naturally follow

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