Goals And Rationale Of A Website Essay

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Goals and Rationale
When creating my website, I wanted a place for my students, parents, and other teachers to go to obtain a clear understanding of what my curriculum entails and what my students are expected to learn. I wanted a friendly, inviting website where people would want to explore all the different pages that I provide. This way everyone is informed on what occurs in the classroom. Moreover, they are able to find extra resources to help enhance learning at home. In order to meet the needs of multiple audiences, I made sure I had a place for my students to go to find websites that they can apply their skills outside of school. They can also view various pictures and access their class calendar. Parents can access place to learn about the curriculum, in addition to the rules and procedures that are expected in both library and computer classes. Since communication is important for teachers and parents, there is a page available for parents to find my email address, phone number, and even a form to fill out in order to get in contact with me. For teachers, this gives the reader a chance to look at different discipline policies that I implement, in addition to reward systems. The extra resources I provide would help a another teacher to envision what they could manage with their own students. For example, symbaloo is a great way for computer teachers to find games to reinforce typing skills, all in one place.
Since the biography I wrote on my website talks about…

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