Goals Of Social Work

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A person with Generalist practices many roles, to offer resources that meet the needs of families, individuals, groups, and community. Social workers work to promote helping clients’ well-being, whether it is for their rights, financial situation, or their safety needs. By making sure to advocate for the client, seeing and hearing their problems/issues and never giving up on them if it is not going the right way. It also means that the social worker needs to acquire the core values, skills, and knowledge of any situation, issue that the client might have. As the clients’ social worker, it is important to make sure that you are doing everything in our power to assure that everything goes the clients’ way, by using every path and source possible for them.
Congruency with purpose and goals of social work A goal for a social worker is to provide assistance and help to the clients by unveiling their problems or trying to meet their needs to allow for the person’s well-being. I know that I have accomplished and met this goal. I have provided the right sources and connections for the clients, by making phone calls to other agencies, if TSA was not able to provide for them. I also have done actives in my agency that was not congruent to the goals and purposes of social work practice, such as cleaning the bathrooms,
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According to NASW Code of Ethics (2018), values in the importance of human relationships is a core value and ethical standard to have as a social worker. The main goal is to strengthen and support the relationships of change among people in any situation whether it is individual, group, community, or family setting. This will allow people to identify and enhance their knowledge about the person’s well-being. My internship allowed me to develop and sustain relationships with my clients and the JOY program participants and vice

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