Essay about Goal Setting

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Why Should I set my goals?
Saying I'm going to have $5 million by retirement is not goal setting. Although it might sound like I have a goal, not developing a realistic path toward fulfilling it will, unfortunately, turn my supposed goal into what it really is--a pipe dream. And pipe dreams are rarely realized. Goals, however, when properly set can usually be met.

Goal setting is the term commonly given for the process of setting and working towards specific, defined goals. Pretty simple really. What is difficult, however, is getting people to sit down and actually do it, even though it fits with human nature. When we want to go on a trip, we look at a map and plan our route. If we get lost, we recheck our map. When we want to build
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Completing certification is important to me, and something I feel is worth pursuing, or establishing a goal-setting routine wouldn't be worth doing.

Defining My Reasons
1. Earn More Money.
With a bachelor's degree I can earn twice as much I can with an associate degree.
The more education I have, the higher my income will be. Having enough money to take care of my basic needs and the needs of my family is vitally important. Many of the best-paying jobs require a college degree. In general, the more college I complete, the higher my earnings will be.

2. Get Better Jobs.
Doors of opportunity will open for me once I have a higher education.
Today, more and more jobs are requiring greater levels of education. When I have options, I can focus on job satisfaction. Studies show that people with more education are less likely to be unemployed, and if they are unemployed it is for a shorter period of time than those with only a high school education.

3. Empower Myself.
Knowledge is power. The more education I have, the more knowledge and skills I will have. The more I know, the more I can learn. This cycle helps make life easier to deal with. Success in everyday life often depends on having good information and making good decisions based on that information. College will teach me how to analyze information and how to solve problems.

4. Discover Myself.
Make the most of myself by exploring my talents and gifts. The

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