Goal Setting Goals And Goals Essay examples

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When we think of a goal a lot comes to mind: To be the best in the class, to lose ten pounds, to swim a mile under sixteen minutes. We can set any goals that our heart desires but it doesn’t do any good if they are not realistic. There is the fine balance between setting a goal too high versus setting the goal too low. But when we find the sweet spot, we can achieve our goals to in order to gain a sense of reward and success. As human beings we always want to strive to do more, to tackle our fears and to become our best in and out of the workplace. Goal setting is a unique tool that can create advantages for the company and the individual if used correctly. But it can also lead to employees feeling inferior at their work if self-worth is based on goal success. Individuals must learn the different techniques of goal setting in order to understand what the goal means to them and also to insure it’s realistic.
In order to start the goal process, individuals need to follow some simple guidelines of how to set up effective goals. According to Peralta, it is important for goal clarity and commitment to be high. The reason that goal clarity is essential is because other group members need to be able to follow and understand what the goal means. This is necessary in order to help complete the task and stay on course to execute the goal effectively. Without setting a clear picture for people to follow, group members could possibly get lost in a broad goal. Broad goals make it very…

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