Goal 2

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Goal 2: Improve physical and mental health
Objectives: I will exercise twice a week for 30 minutes and do individual or group based yoga three times a week for 30 minutes
Strategies: I will attend yoga sessions at the local YMCA. I will attend my local gym two times a week. I will walk around the track at the gym and do the row machine. I will keep track of this by completing a self-monitoring system and rewarding myself with a new journal or another reinforcer for completing the yoga and exercise routine every week.
1 month
Skills teaching/training
Once a week to check in one exercising regiment

Goal 3: Make friends who exhibit a healthy lifestyle
Objectives: I will join a writing group and make an acquaintance I can call a friend at this group. I will report my friends name and number to my therapist.
Strategies: I will look up and make a list of writing clubs or some other club of interest. I can attend groups for individuals with MDD. I can volunteer at a place of interest. I will role play how to make friends with my therapist. 6 months
Skills teaching/training, community involvement
Meet once a week with therapist

Goal 4: Work towards career goal of becoming a writer.
Objectives: I will research careers in writing including attending college or jobs.
Strategies: I will work with vocational
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A brief subjective rating of Ms. Kaysen’s depression will be conducted once a month for monitoring. Behavior observations will also be conducted once a month. Progress on strategy/objective will be graphed if it appears the client is not complying with the treatment plan; reevaluation of the plan will be conducted. The client’s self reported levels of depression will be graphed. If it appears, self reported levels are not decreasing, revaluation of the intervention will be

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