Go Ye Means Go Me By Ivan Stewart Essay

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Ivan Stewart published his book: Go Ye Means Go Me, in 1974. While being dated, it does reveal important concepts about evangelism. Having survived the bombing at Pearl Harbor in 1941, he returned to America and was converted to Christianity. All Christians are called to go and preach. While being a lengthy book, Stewart is often frank and to the point. He often uses scripture to put the nail in the coffin. For example, through his first and second chapters, he mentions that "going" and "teaching" are just as much a part of the great commission as "baptism." His book pricks the heart of it 's readers being personal, and showing the urgent need of evangelism to lost souls. God desires all Christians to scatter the seed of the gospel. Yet he provides encouragement in doing so. He recalls that the seed that feel on the good soil yielded 100 fold. While the one doing is often criticized, in God 's eyes he is better than the one not doing. The author mentions that Babe Ruth struck out 1330 times. So how can Christians better win souls for Christ? Over the next several chapters, Stewart gives practical advice even in the minutest detail. One of these aspects is visitor cards in the building. Theses should be well laid out and specific. Does a telephone number, address, or in our age, email give enough options to a seeking soul? Is there a blank spot for specific concerns? Churches should keep track of these contacts and keep in touch. The opportunity needs to…

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