Essay on Go Softly Into That Good Night

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Go Softly Into That Good Night

On April 15, 1975, Karen Ann Quinlan was hospitalized after ingesting Diazepam [usually prescribed for anxiety], dextropropoxyphene [a mild painkiller], and alcohol. At the time of being hospitalized, she weighed a “mere 115 pounds (52 kg),” (Harris 22). This was Thirty pounds under what someone her height and age should weigh. The night of the incident, she had attended a friends party at a local bar. It was recorded in police reports that she had, “digested Valium and had been drinking Gin and Tonic, before feeling light headed.” She went home to be put to bed by the friend she was living with at the time. When said friend checked on her 15 minutes later, she was not breathing. An ambulance was called and mouth-mouth resuscitation was given, she did not regain consciousness. “She was then taken to Saint Clarie 's, a Catholic hospital, and was placed on a respirator” (Rebman 15). Her parents, Julia and Joseph Quinlan, had to fight for nine years in order to be granted the right of putting their daughter to rest. During the time, they spent tens of thousands of dollars on lawsuits, filing them against the Catholic hospital over their refusal to let Karen go. It should not have to be so hard to be granted piece for a loved one that does not have any further hope at living their life.
Many will argue that the legalization of euthanasia will be a sin against the god(s), a crime against nature, a wrongdoing. However, the legalization…

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