Gnc- Retail Management Application Report Essay

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Retailing Management Application Project

November 30, 2011

Presented to ________
Marketing Research 3167
Fall 2011

Statement of Intellectual Honesty: _____________, _____________, _____________, ______________

Table of Contents GNC Company Overview 3 Retail Strategy 3 Target Market 3 Positioning 3 Merchandise and services offered 4 Pricing 5 Advertising and promotions 7 Store design and atmospherics 8 Location 9 Customer service 10 Use of Technology 10 Performance Evaluations 12 Works Cited 14

GNC Company Overview

General Nutrition Companies, INC. was founded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by David Shakarian in 1935 as a single, specialized, general health retail store (Histories, 2011). Since
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Many consumers view GNC as too expensive and undervalued which has led to many consumers purchasing their nutritional supplements elsewhere. But, in 2005 GNC launched a new pricing strategy that lowered its prices to be more competitively priced within the industry. (Johnsen, 2005) Despite its prices, all GNC products are required to pass 150 quality checks before they are put for sale. This allows GNC to assure that all of their products quality exceeds its perceived value of what the consumer has paid. (Franchising, GNC Business Strengths, 2011) Although prices at GNC will continue to be around the top of the industry, GNC will still be able to set the standard high by demanding truth in labeling, ingredient safety, and product potency for all of their products. (Releases, We're committed to exceeding your expectations, 2011) To reward loyal or repeat customers, GNC offers an option to purchase a Gold Card membership. Gold Card memberships require a yearly payment of $15 and are available for purchase at your local GNC or online at Some of the many benefits of being a Gold Card member are that customers receive Member Pricing which takes 20% off the initial purchase after a Gold Card is purchased as well as 20% off each purchase made during Gold Card Week, which is the first

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