Gmos : Myth Or Fact? Essay

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GMOs: Myth or Fact?
People have been intentionally genetically modifying plants for over ten thousand years (Hoegler). Ever since modified plants have been around, so have skeptics. Naturally, many misconceptions and false assumptions have been made by people who either don 't understand or don 't agree with genetic engineering. This essay will serve to educate and explain misconstrued presumptions about genetically modified organisms being used in agriculture.
Biotech crops were first officially integrated into agriculture in 1996. Since they were introduced, they have been the most rapid and widely adopted ag-innovation in history (Monsanto). Genetic modification allows researchers to insert genes from other unrelated organisms into crops. There has been evidence accumulating that throughout evolution, gene transfer has transpired between lower and higher organisms; including humans through bacteria. Horizontal gene transfer is its label, and it occurs naturally (Nuffield Bioethics 24). Herbicide tolerance is presently the most commonly used modification trait worldwide. This modification aims to reduce applications of herbicides in developed countries (Nuffield Bioethics 26). In the nineteen years since genetically modified crops were intertwined into agriculture, millions of farmers, in close to thirty countries have planted fields amounting to over one billion eight hundred thousand hectares - which is more than four billion acres (Monsanto).According to University of…

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