Gmos : Genetically Modified Organisms Essay

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A gmo is a genetically modified organism. Even though gmos cause faster maturation rates for plants and animals, they can cause health issues, like cancer, so they should not be used.
Gmos cause health issues, the effects of gmo include, food allergy, nutritional value and antibiotic resistance, cited by the American academy of environmental medicine ( aaem ), want doctors to give non gmo diets to all their patients. Studies show that gmos give animals fast maturation rate, organ damage, and immune system disorders. Gmo health issues were introduced in 1996, went from 7 percent to 13 percent in 9 years(aaem), gmos do not only cause harm to animals and humans but they also harm the environment. Gmos can harm multiple things like insects, birds, and marine ecosystem, i do not approve of this in my opinion because of the good animals and insects do to the world, and a genetically modified organism has to ruin that.
In 2012 a poll was taken by a group of people known as the.neiman group and 91 percent of the people wanted gmos to be labeled,(neiman group). 80 percent of the processed foods in the united states contain gmos
To avoid eating products with genetically modified organisms, there is a nonprofit organization called ‘’ non-gmo products’’, if you genetically modify a plant the value of it will be decreased and some of the nutrients in the organism will not be available during digestion and separate nutrients in the body. Genetically modifying animals will do the same,…

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