Gmos : Are They Good Or Bad? Essay

1227 Words Dec 14th, 2016 5 Pages
GMOs: Are they good or bad? Humans have developed the world so much to the point where our population is getting out of hand and continues to grow. The world can only sustain a certain amount of people and food to feed its inhabitants. After an extreme growth in population; many countries have changed to genetically modified foods. I want to investigate the effects of GMO foods on human health and the environment. GMO stands for genetically modified organism also known as Genetically enhanced foods, this concept is the the alteration or modification or an organism’s genetic material by means of genetic engineering. GMO crops are a hotly debated topic in today 's media. Some scientists believe that these types of crops are affecting human health and the environment while others believe that it causes no harm or effects. GMO are one of the ways that the world has developed to maintain and feed the soaring human population. I agree with the scientist and argue that GMOs are causing more harm than the good that the media portrays them as. The world has been developing ever since the beginning of time. Apart from the world’s own development, humans have contributed to a good amount of that development. Humans have modified many things in recent years such as vehicles, energy source, and many other things; but one of the most controversial ones is genetically modified crops. The idea of GMOs has contributed to many scientific ideas and studies which go both ways being either pro…

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