Essay about Gmos Are A Necessity For Society

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GMOs are a Necessity for Society
Every four seconds someone dies of starvation or malnutrition; more than half of those deaths are children. The population is still growing and some way of combating the issue of malnutrition and world hunger is desperately needed before they become even more serious. That is where genetically modified organisms (GMOs) come in. GMOs are fruits or vegetables that have been modified on a genetic level in order to turn on traits that make them more beneficial. Being able to affect how a plant grows is a huge advantage in regards to feeding a quickly growing population. GMOs are necessary to protect the environment, produce better crop yields, and stimulate the economy with their advantageous traits. Firstly, the ozone layer is the earth’s protective shield from radiation. The ozone layer is wearing away from the use of ozone depleting substances. This topic has fallen out of the focus of media as of late, but it is still a problem. Many different types of cancer are caused from the radiation that the ozone layer protects us from, and it happens that GMOs can help. GMOs cannot repair the ozone layer, but “GMOs… have been altered to be pest-resistant” (Goldbas, 2014). This reduces the need for pesticides which wreak havoc on the ozone layer, as Houston et al. stated, “[m]ethyl bromide (MeBr) is a broad spectrum agricultural pesticide that has been used on more than 100 crops worldwide… [t]he impetus behind the methyl bromide phase-out is its…

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