Gmo Research : World 's Largest Producer And Consumer Of Gm Crops

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Lora Picur
CULA 123 A
Chef Howe
November 2, 2015
Research Paper
GMO Research Week 5 In the 1990s GMOs emerged, soon there after, the US became the world’s largest producer and consumer of GM crops. Currently, 70% (and rising) of our processed food is a result of GMO crops. As the debate over GMOs intensifies, there are factors to be environmentally consciousness and weigh in on. Small Planet Institute released an article, 7 Really Good Reasons To Rethink GMOs. These 7 briefs will be a foundational step to discovering of the issues surrounding GMO drawback.
In the United States, GMO industries producing their own pesticides, by law must be approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. However, it seems there is a less stringent testing happening at the behest of GMO industries where as formally mentioned, is required.
Another example is when Scientist discovered, during experiments, feeding GMOs to animals caused harmful affects. In many “peer-reviewed studies, mammals fed GMO corn and soy developed liver and kidney problems that could mark the onset of chronic disease” (Environmental science Europe, 2011). Another study suggests, pigs fed the GM diet were 2.6 times more likely to develop sever stomach inflammation than the controlled pigs. Advocates of GMO crops dismiss these studies as ineffective studies, improperly conducted. Promoters say the experimenters use inappropriate lab animals and/or feeding methods, (i.e. the animal test subjects used are already prone…

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