Gmo Labeling : A Path Toward Food Transparency Essay

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GMO Labeling: A Path Toward Food Transparency

Imagine being transported back in time to 1955. Inside a family run grocery store, there are isles of canned vegetables and soups. Even more shelves were lined with multicolored boxed cereals, bottles of soda pop, and various soaps. As creative as each product’s label appeared, none of them contained nutritional information, ingredient lists, or allergy warnings. A consumer had little more than their own taste buds to guide them toward the best products for their family. They couldn’t make decisions based on fat, sugar, or calorie content. A customer had no ability to know if an item had artificial flavors, dyes, or allergens like peanuts or wheat. Additionally, once highly processed foods began to appear on store shelves, people no longer had any idea what they were actually eating. That is until the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began creating regulations mandating correct and complete food labeling. However, today we find ourselves in a new labeling crisis. Advancement of our modern gene splicing technology has allowed for the creation and production of genetically modified foods (GMOs). These GMOs are being massed produced and not a single product in America’s stores indicates their presence. As there have been no long term studies ensuring the safety of any item genetically modified, GMO labeling helps protect the fundamental right for every consumer to know what they are eating, and the…

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