Gmo Food And Distribution Should Be Illegal Essay

816 Words Dec 8th, 2016 4 Pages
Over 75% of food in grocery stores in genetically modified food (Smith). In the past 10 years our worlds population has grown tremendously. Farmers struggle with keeping up because of drought, floods, and other environmental problems; therefore, they tried to come up with a way to increase yield. The result had lots of cons and pros. They came up with GMO’s which is a different version of the original plant. The GMO foods should be illegal and stopped being distributed to farmers. Although some people may people that GMOs are safe, GMO foods should be illegal and distribution stopped because they are harmful to humans abd the environment around then where they are planted. One reason why GMO food and distribution should be stopped is the companies are only doing it for profit.The biotech industry is only making GMO food to make profit. Gmo were originally designed to relieve world hunger but actually the companies that designed these food are only looking for money (“Genetically”). Also,when these biotech business’s created the gmo seeds to help farmers increase more yield, they were only trying to help at first. Then it turned into just making money and all about the profit. Giant companies are investing lots of money and expecting large profits but the fda is cracking down trying to stop them (“Genetically”). The FDA are trying to shut the biotech companies down but the people aren 't aware of the problems of gmo foods. Therefore, people do not know the bad in them,…

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