Gmo Crops : What Does It Mean? Essay

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GMO Crops What is gmo ? What does it mean? Do people really know what it is, and what it does? Growing gmos can prevent pests from consuming the plant. Growing gmos can also help prevent diseases from ruining the crop. Gmos feed a large population of people because the plants are able to resist these things. Growing crops with pesticides and herbicides are superior to growing them organically because it is pest resistant, diseases resistant, and feeds more people than organic crops do. Gmo crops feeds a larger population than organic crops does and “gmo crops were approved for human consumption in 1996” (Ino). Gmo crops are superior to non GMO crops because of their ability to resist pest, diseases, and feed a large population of people.
Some gmo seeds are made so that they can resist pests. “Gmo crops are designed to resist pests and to resist many things” (Ino). “In Hawai’i on the big island , the papaya industry was suffering due to loss of crops. The company growing these papayas started to grow them genetically modified, to help resist disease and pest, and because of doing so they saved the industry because no pest was able to eat the papayas due to the seeds being genetically modified. Ino says that growing the papayas with the seeds being genetically modified really helped this company stay alive” (Ino). Mr. Ino is retired from the USDA natural resource department, and is now working at KKHS agricultural class. He is a professional and really knows what he 's…

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