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General Motors Co
Strategic and Financial Analysis

ADVANCED CORPORATE FINANCE April 22, 2012 Authored by: Ana Romero, Roshan Picardo, Carlos Castro, Shikhar Agarwal


General Motors Co
Strategic and Financial Analysis
Executive Summary This report provides an evaluation of strategic and financial evolution of General Motors Company (GM) in the last ten years. Events like the global economic recession lead to a deep restructuring of the firm, filling for bankruptcy and a government bailout. The report provides an analysis of GM’s business model, products, the markets it is competing in, the global automotive and manufacturing industry and it also assess its attractiveness for incumbents and new entrants is also With a brief
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GM cars, trucks and parts are marketed through retail dealers in North America and through distributors and dealers outside of North America, most of which are independently owned. As of December 2010, the company operated 20,215 authorized dealerships, including 4,458 vehicle dealers in the US, 465 in Canada and 244 in Mexico and other Central American locations. Further, the company also has 15,048 distribution outlets throughout the rest of the world, which include distributors, dealers and authorized sales, service and parts outlets. In FY2010, GM sold 8,390,000 vehicles worldwide. GM had equity ownership stakes directly or indirectly through various regional subsidiaries, including GM Daewoo Auto & Technology (GM Daewoo), Shanghai General Motors (SGM), SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile (SGMW), FAW-GM Light Duty Commercial Vehicle (FAW-GM), and SAIC GM Investment (HKJV). The company operates through five business segments, GM North America (GMNA), GM Europe (GME), GM International Operations (GMIO), GM South America (GMSA), and General Motors Financial Company (GM Financial). The company offers financial services through its GM Financial segment. The segment specializes in purchasing retail automobile installment sales contracts originated by franchised and select independent dealers in connection with the sale of used and new automobiles.
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