Gm Recall Response Essay

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Over the past two decades, a serious crisis in leadership has occurred which has led to a severe economic and cultural hindrance. It has eroded public trust and caused outcries towards Washington to do something. The crisis culminated in 2008 with a major economic recession that rippled throughout the globe and forever changed the way that corporations are viewed by the average person. It was the platform for many presidential nominees in both 2008 and 2012 and even today we are still seeing the damage of this crisis. It is, of course, the blight of greed and lust for money that many corporate leaders fell prey to beginning in the late 80’s and early 90’s as the economy boomed and one could make money out of seemingly nothing. The severity …show more content…
This “group think” is what got them into this mess and Ms. Barra will have to trim the fat and be a stern leader for a time as those still within the company must change their focus. Doing this will not be easy as moral within the company took a major blow with the government bail-out and may soon again take another blow as the potential for a massive recall looms. Ms. Barra is going to have to develop a collaborative culture and allow workers from all levels to pitch in their ideas for improving profits and minimizing expenses. Additionally, she will have to bring on board the right people who will discontinue this method of leading the market and begin listening to market demands. She will need to exude the characteristics of a level 5 leader by communicating an effective vision blended with extreme humility as well as aligning the organizational focus to hers. It will be important to create effective channels of communication not only with those in the company, but with the public as well. This means not only portraying a point of view or position, but receiving feedback and thus communicating effectively. Ms. Barra will need to utilize emotional intelligence effectively in order to understand fully the needs and motivators of the workers within GM as she makes the decisions necessary to protect the company from another disaster in addition to building a team of leaders who will be able to carry

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