Gm 588 ( Managing Quality ) Entire Course Essay

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GM 588 ( Managing Quality ) Entire Course
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GM-588 week 1 dq1 – Definition of Quality
GM-588 week 1 dq2 – Quality Management in Your Organization GM 588 Week 2 GM-588 Week 2 Project Proposal
GM-588 week 2 dq1 – Quality Philosophies
GM-588 week 2 dq2 – Quality Award Processes GM 588 Week 3 GM-588 Week 3 Best practices in MCS
GM-588 week 3 dq1 – The Voice of the Customer
GM-588 week 3 dq2 – The Kano Model GM 588 Week 4
GM-588 Week 4 Midterm Exam
GM-588 week 4 dq1 – Quality Focus
GM-588 week 4 dq2 – Alignment of Strategy and Quality Management GM-588 Week 5 GM-588 Week 5 Case Study
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(TCO B) A set of financial, market, operational, and employee performance measures for management review and use is an example of: (TCO D) The Baldrige Award criteria, as a tool for self-assessment: (TCO H) Focusing on how to maintain improvements occurs in which DMAIC phase? (TCO B) Explain why it is difficult to obtain a single, universal definition of quality. Be specific in your response. (TCO I) What criterion is used to classify a failure cost as “internal” versus “external”? Give three examples of an internal failure cost and three examples of an external failure cost. (TCO G) Discuss the three major reasons why companies adopt total quality. Also, discuss the initial key steps are involved in the adoption process. (TCO F) Explain in detail why change is necessary in organizations. Describe the effects that change can have on quality management with respect to employee commitment and quality levels. (TCO H) Describe the six basic steps

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