Gluten Food : A Gluten Free Diet For A Patient With Celiac Disease

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Historically, oats were not allowed to be consuming while on a gluten free diet for a patient with celiac disease. Still, to this day the question on whether or not they are truly gluten free is still floating around. This has been a debate for those who have celiac disease because a person with this disease may not consume gluten. Celiac Disease is an inflammatory disease that destroys the lining of the small intestines and prevents the absorption of nutrients and vitamins into the system. The patients ' health suffers; their digestive system is unable to process gluten foods that contain wheat, barley, and oats. The cause of this disease is unknown; however, environmental factors and a genetic predisposition are suspected. Destructive proteins that contain an abundance of proline and glutamine and the amino acid sequences are involved. The 33-MER, peptides cannot be broken down any further. When gluten is taken into the body, 33-MER stimulates T-cells to produce antibodies, and it triggers an autoimmune response, which slowly damages and destroys the surface villi. Furthermore, it reduces the amount of activity and decreases the amount of enzymes in the surface epithelium. Nutrients are not absorbed, so patients become malnourished regardless of the amount of food consumed. One percent of the human population and one in two hundred Americans are affected by celiac disease (Helms, 2005; Lerner, 2009; Stanford researchers, 2002). This affliction is a genetic disorder that…

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