Glory Road Essay

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Glory road

1.Glory Road is a story about a small Texas college basketball team. Texas Western it's coach, Don Haskins, and how it became the first college to use an all African American starting line and win the 1966 NCAA Championship for Division 1 schools. Based on true events, this movie is a rollercoaster of emotions for both the viewers and the characters. The African american majority of the team was recruited by Don Haskins from all over America. Throughout the movie, the team, the coach and the coaches family received an extraordinary amount of hate. They had received death threats and one of the players got beaten up in a diner bathroom. Having recruited a mostly African American team was extremely controversial for the time, but
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When they arrived, people looked at them like they were aliens. The caucasian minority of the team were unhappy about the selection of players. As time went on, both ‘sides’ of the team grew closer together and were no longer torn about the colour of one another. The players received a lot of hate and racism throughout the film, and even considered dropping out of school because of the amount of racism and abuse they faced.

The community was in utter disbelief when a few of the african american students turned up to the Texas college. From day 1, majority of the community hated the African American students at the school. In one scene of the movie, the players and the coach were at a diner and one of the players had gone of to the bathroom by himself. He got beaten up by three other people and stumbled out afterward, face bloody and body bruised. His teammates and coach quickly rushed to his aid and from then on looked out for eacher and grew closer from the events.

3. Personally, the movie sent me on a rollercoaster of emotions. With all the racism and hate that was going on, it really made me think about how much things have changed and how society treats minorities. I felt angry about how the community and other basketball teams were treating the Texas basketball team for having ‘coloured’ team

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