Gloria Steinem Research Paper

There are not many phenomenal women in this world, but there is this one woman that place in that category. Gloria Steinem a social activist changed the world with her brilliant speeches about women rights. While facing challenges, Gloria Steinem continued to become this women today. While her association with the CIA independent research service caused her to face criticism, Gloria Steinem an influential leader and spokeswoman during the feminist movement in the late 1960s and early 1970s, because she talked with women who experienced abortions, took the lead in launching the pioneering Feminists Ms Magazine, and formed the National Women's Political Caucus which worked on women’s issues.

Born on March 25, 1934 in Ohio,Toledo, Gloria Steinem was raised by her mother Ruth and her father Leo
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Gloria became more engaged because of the fact that she had an abortion and with through the entire experience on her own. After talking with other ladies and doing a hearing on it, she formed the National Political Caucus which worked on women issues. Using this organization to help with bringing women’s issues to the light. Gloria is the type of woman that wants to help females with experiences that they may or may not have went through with no help.
A phenomenal woman is a woman who strive for success, achieve greatness, act as a mentor to other females, and is helpful to their environment. Gloria Steinem reaches all of these characteristics, she is a phenomenal women and proceed to be. As a result of this Gloria worked with women issues and provide help for those that may be going through things alone. While facing criticism, and the challenging of being diagnosed with breast cancer she continued to be a female activist and work with female rights. Be thankful for this woman and remember all of the good things she has done for the female

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