Globalized Games Of Polarized Power Essay

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Globalized Games of Polarized Power There are millions of stories, detailing migration into America, but many have the same underlining fact; change is not easy. With change, comes both benefits and costs on the lives of migrants, which can often be challenging to determine and quantify.
Through the creation of policies and propaganda, immigration into America at this point is similar to a rigged board game; where selected groups received further incentives and experienced players set the rules. “The Game” rewards the exploitation of immigrants unfamiliar with the rules by externalizes the costs of doing so on foreign societies, both socially and environmentally. This Game changes the lives of those playing and those whom refuse.

Globally there is increasing pressures to participate in The Game of capitalism as it imposes itself onto these societies. Through the Globalization of Free Market trade, capitalism finds its way into the lives of the furthest reaches; creating the circumstances for Immigration into America. They enter as a new player, lacking knowledge on the rules and tricks, unfamiliar with the board. Although rules and regulations have been added, The Game of capitalism still the same old game of competition as in the late 1800’s. Immigrants are still marginalized, making it difficult to become a fair player of The Game, and the exploitation of foreign human capital is just one sociological outcome from the players who begun this Game. The similarities are…

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