Globalization Essay

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Essay Globalization

Globalization Debate
Globalization is the bringing down of the walls of commercialism that has been going around the whole globe since its inception in the 1880's. By nature we do not trust other countries other than our own but globalization is beginning to change all that. There was one way to describe country-to-country relations back then: non-existent. Well at lease when we talk of relations that is founded in trust and understanding. We forge alliances only because of the things we get from it. But globalization has formed some semblance of unity among all us and the concerns of other nation that back then were opted to be resolved on their own are now an issue with other countries as well and all unite to
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“There is a threat in the business outsourcing industry, one of the highest grossing industries today. The so-called brain drain might continue because skilled people will be generally recruited all over the world to serve the ordering power” (Weidenbaum, 2005).
Moving to the high middle ground on globalization is difficult and will take time. Developing a feeling of trust, or at least common understanding, is a badly needed precondition. But in order to achieve real progress, we must “break the ice” by taking the concerns of the critics seriously and responding with constructive action rather than just more talk. The most fundamental and positive result of globalization is not economic at all. By enabling more people to use modern technology to communicate across traditional national boundaries, the international marketplace makes possible a far greater exchange of the most powerful of all factors of production — new ideas. That process enriches and empowers the individual in ways never before possible.
Key players in international business are the large firms from developed nations once dominated, but firms from China, Brazil, and Mexico now play a bigger role. Technological advancements allow small and midsize companies to better compete.
Multinational corporations (MNC) are a business that has direct investments abroad in multiple countries. They are highly visible because of their economic and political power and deals worth billions of dollars.

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