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Globalization is a shift or transformation in the human organization scale, which links communities that are distant, and expands the power relations reach across the regions and continents of the world. Globalization of the economy and the growth in the number of the international corporations have made communication in intellectual business an area that is currently of vital concern. Corporations have an expectation to send more exports abroad and want an entry level candidate with a competence that is cross cultural (Eitzen, 2009). This paper examines globalization and its growth as well as addressing economic, political and technological influences
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In spite of globalization being inescapable, there are those that wonder what it will require, for the process to be democratic, for purposes of accommodating both parties involved on a footing that would be considered to be equal. Globalization, though it might be facing much criticism, aims at addressing issues of speeding up and deepening the impact of transcontinental patterns of social interaction in order to benefit humanity.

In globalization, which is from the word globalize, there is the issue of the subject versus the object, where the subject is the doer of action while the object is the receiver of the action. The globalization scale can thus be said to be skewed on the basis of the fact that, the powerful states are the action doers while those that are less powerful are the action receivers. This is the primary reason why globalization is facing a lot of criticism especially from those who would in this case be considered to be the receivers of action. These said states feel that the globalization preaching on economic liberalization appears to display much hegemony from the north, which ultimately marginalizes the nations that are developing (Sjursen, 2000). In this case, Globalization is contested highly because the promoted interconnectedness seems to breed a chain of animosities between those who have and those who do not have.

Globalization as a process has shown improvements that are massive on

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