Essay on Globalization

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Globalization and the Future

Tom Lombardo, Ph.D.

Globalization is perhaps the most significant and pervasive contemporary trend. Humanity is moving from a set of relatively autonomous nation states to an integrated global reality, more ruled by international corporations and organizations, and economic and ecological interdependencies, than national and political ideologies and issues. Fueled by global communication, technological networking, expanding transportation systems, economic exchange and competition, and the growth and spread of a global culture, globalization is seen both as a positive and as a negative trend. What are the main features of globalization, what are the future possibilities, and how will
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or the Future  Value of Technology  Value of Learning and Education – Knowledge Economy  Democratization, Innovation, Inclusiveness, and Openness  Prosperity Solve Injustice and Poverty

Francis Fukuyama The Triumph of Democracy
 Progressive SocialHistorical Evolution  Political and Economic Democracy – Rights of Individuals  Ideal Human Condition  Totalitarianism and Centralization Failed  Free Trade and Private Enterprise Triumphed  Reciprocal Recognition of Individual Rights  World Government / Democracy

Gregory Stock The Global Integration of Humans and Machines
 Information Age – Internet Technological Evolution/Expansion  Stages of Evolution  Emergence of Global Supra-Organism  Spread of Metaman – Benefits – Increasing Order and Individuality

Hazel Henderson Redefining Progress – Global Ecological Awareness
 Industrial to PostIndustrial World  Ecological Values and Awareness – Open Systems Mindset  Globalization  Democracy and Diversity  Transcending Economic Progress - Quality of Life Index

William Van Dusen Wishard The Nature of Global Culture “The human community as a single entity.”
 Must Transcend Tribe, Ethnicity, and Nation – Identify with Single World Community  Incorporation of Planetary Considerations in Decision Making  Unifying View of Origins through Science Transcending Cultural Traditions  Causing Upheaval

Thomas Friedman The Positive and Pervasive Impact of Globalization
 Conflict and Balancing of

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