Essay about Globalization

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Myriam Zerouki
M1-Written Assignment

Globalization is the diffusion of ideas, goods and information on a global level. It involves a stretching of social, political and economic activities across political frontiers, regions and continents. With technology advancing, international communication increasing and trading becoming a lot more simplistic, globalization has started to shape both developed and underdeveloped countries as well. Although international trading today is seen as a norm, not all countries are reaping the benefits. The term globalization has been increasing since the mid-1980s and can be grouped into different categories, which include: trade and transactions, capital and investment movements, migration
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About 30% of Canadian gross national product is dependent on exports. In order for their businesses to not only thrive, but just stay in business, exporting is a necessity. With building such a strong relationship with Canada, they have become one of our largest export destinations (Manzella). There are a lot of benefits to trading with Canada. Canadian marketplace is this country's and our region's largest trading partner as it embraces similar cultural qualities, is next to us, is in the same time zone, easy to trade(i.e. NAFTA) and you can easily visit your customer. There is lower risk in this type of trade than overseas markets which require higher costs, risk and time. 100 years ago, Buffalo was on the cusp of being a global city for Accessibility, and Research and Development. Although Buffalo may not be globalized at the same level as some other cities such as NYC or Chicago, we are still considered a globalized city, as are most.

Throughout the years globalization has impacted Niagara Falls in both positive and negative ways. Being separated by the Niagara River, and sharing one of the wonders of the world has caused for a lot of competition between Ontario and Niagara Falls. The Canadian side has grown quite a bit economically due to the rise in tourism since the 1970’s. The building of the casinos, parks and hotels has allowed for a growth in their population. Competition with our Canadian neighbors has had quite an impact on Niagara Falls. Niagara

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