Globalization, Zara and H&M Essay

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Demographics, Trends, Technology, Risk Management and Quality regarding these two chosen companies will be discussed further on. Considering all these factors, we will analyze its impact on clothing industry and will see how globalization affects the industry and these two companies. Then the conclusion will be presented at the end concluding the impact of globalization on the clothing industry as well as on Zara and H&M.

Demographics Garments industry is also related to a fact that they are produced where they are required by the customers. For an instance, sweaters and jackets are mostly required by those locations where winters in the major season in the year. Europe and Canada are simple examples where there is mostly cold and snowfall. So products have to be categorized according to the place and locations. Asia and some other parts of the world are usually warm and some are humid, so clothing brands have to keep these important facts in the mind while launching their products in a particular area. The two of the biggest industries Zara and H&M are much aware of this fact and their recent success is evident sign of their sophisticated and intelligent demographic movement. Majority of the people that attract towards these two brands are actually those ones who love to wear according to the fashion. These two brands are top fashion wears that typically focus on youth and young or middle aged people. Zara’s brands are relatively cheap then H&M

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