Globalization : The Phenomenon Of Globalization Essay example

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In this letter I would like to address an issue present in the phenomenon of globalization. This refers to the increasing integration of economies around the world, particularly through trade and financial flows. Globalization also indicates the movement of people (labor) and knowledge (technology) across international borders that bring broader cultural dimensions. However, globalization is often associated with Americanization, which results of bringing a foreign country under the commercial influence of the United States. One significant example of Americanization is “McWorld”, which has the potential of marring another country’s culture such as it has in the Middle East, and potentially infiltrating in our communities.

Some Americanization advocates may argue that free trade and free markets do not dilute or pollute other cultures, they enhance them, and that trade creates wealth that frees the world 's poorest people from the daily struggle for survival and allows them to embrace and share the art, music, literature and technology that might otherwise have been sacrificed to poverty. So is Americanization killing non-western cultures, or is it augmenting and enhancing them? Unfortunately, it is devastating these cultures. McDonald’s holds the title for the biggest fast food chain in the world with thousands of outlets in different countries. But with that power, comes responsibility… and frankly, McDonald’s has handled the westernization quite well. Each outlet has…

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