Globalization : The Key Drivers Of Globalization Essays

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Globalization Globalization occurs as one of the most novel phenomena that have taken the world by a storm. While much has been hypothesized regarding this phenomenon, it is important to note that there exits distinct factors that drive it. Since the sixteenth century to the present, there are various key factors identified as the key drivers of globalization. Transportation is one of the major factors that have and continue to drive globalization from the sixteenth century to the present. In the past, development of various trade routes allowed merchants to traverse across the globe. As such, transportation aligned with various trade routes allowed the merchants to exchange goods and services across the globe; hence, resulting in globalization. In the present modern transport systems, such as airplanes, and ships allow people to visit different parts of the globe, where they can interact, exchange ideas, as well as trade. In a nutshell, transportation occurs as a key driving factor of globalization in that it provides a link between people and products from different parts of the globe. Another key driving factor of globalization is multinational corporations. While it is true that there were no multinational corporations in the sixteenth century, it is important to note that empires, which mimic such corporations existed. Similar to multinational corporations, the empires carried out a number of functions especially trade in different nations; hence, promoting…

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