Globalization Paper

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Globalization Paper
January 10, 2011
Professor Jing Liu Globalization
Globalization can be viewed as one of the major influences for the world’s progressions over the past centuries. It is comprehended that globalization has the potential to make countries and societies richer via free trading or little trade barriers providing knowledge and information to people around the world. Others perceive globalization negatively and view it as a major factor to exploit the poor while the rich gets richer around the world. Ultimately, international trade has brought global integration with the desire of a free global market with little trade barriers granting competition across borders. This paper will describe in depth the
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“Improvements in information processing, telecommunications, and financial technologies have facilitated greater geographic reach by allowing institutions to manage larger information flows from more locations and to evaluate and manage risks at lower cost without being geographically close to the customer” (Berger, Dai, Qinglei, Ongena, Steven, & Smith, 2002).
Globalization Challenges
Globalization brings various challenges that countries and businesses will have to address. First, governments will have the challenge to make sure that the advantages of globalization are evenly expanded thru the nations. Secondly, businesses and other identities will have the challenge to learn to overcome the fear that globalization will lead them to instability; especially in third world countries. Third, countries and businesses will have the challenge to overcome their fear based on the consequences that increased global competition will bring them. Many believe that increased global competition will harm employment rights, its practices, and wages. Lastly but not least, complex problems linked to globalization can not be ignore or to be utilize as motives to evade looking for alternative solutions. Alternative solutions should always be in the best interest of countries and business.
Businesses and civil societies will face the challenge to deal with complicated matters of trade, global financial barriers, and relocation. Organizations from

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