Globalization Of The United States Essay

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“Globalisation will make our societies more creative and prosperous, but also more vulnerable (Lord Robertson, 2008)”. During the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century; the United States of America has been the most influential country in the world, allowing them to have power over everyone else. (Spicer, 2015). Brazil, Russia, India and China are all experiencing massive growth and are expected to rival the United States, in having the biggest economy in the world (Sachs, 2015). The development of these four countries will be noticed by the current established powers in the world, who will likely see it as a threat. The established economies will lose some of their current power, whilst the developing countries will experience a rapid rise in control and influence. Countries will be desperate to maintain their current power or to become more powerful then they currently are (Macken,2015). This shift in power could potentially see a conflict arise as the current powers want to stop the influence of the growing powers.

A probability scale ranges from impossible too certain, with likely and unlikely positioned throughout the gauge. Inevitable is defined as; ‘certain to happen’ and ‘impossible to avoid or prevent’ (Farlex Dictionary, 2016). This means that the question is asking if there would definitely be a conflict between the established and rising powers. Things are more likely to occur than others, however humans are highly unpredictable creatures…

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