Globalization Of The United States Essay

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Movement of people is one of the main characteristics of the globalized world. The national borders continue to restrict international migration, but it may be that the process of economic globalization and the gradual decline of the territorial state are now accompanied with the growth of migration.
Whereas for some of us the world indeed has become a “smaller place”, and our passports let us travel to any spot on the map without much hurdles for business and pleasure, for others, mostly for the people from global South, there are still a lot of obstacles on the way of leaving their countries. At the same time, with the development of technology and the media delivering bright images of the Western life to everyone’s screens, as well as economic constrictions in the developing world more and more people are drawn North to seek a better life. Restrictions on legal immigration and securitization of the border forces migrants to almost inevitably become an illegal migrant, trying to cross impenetrable borders on their own or relying on the services of various, more or less organized and unscrupulous smuggling networks. In this paper we will concentrate on illegal immigration and human smuggling at the United States/Mexico border. Furthermore, we will discuss the current policies directed on controlling the issue propose an alternative policy.
Part I.
Few issues are as emotional and highly divisive in the Western societies, as illegal immigration. Some tend…

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