Globalization Of The United States Essay

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Within source one it explains the course of globalization that places like the united states economically are shown at first site really good people. Yet when the second time comes around they are found to believe to be well not as nice as they appear for they enslave incident people of third world countries. More connections on how it is linked with globalization would be that on the one individual’s shirt it has a third world labour while the other guy has a briefcase with the US. Co.s. Where the Co.s meaning companies give a vivid example that most suppliers through trade and how they are built are from those third world people who were to believe they were getting a better life. Additional facts that can be provided are of how it explains with little text that he is bringing the third world labour guy an opportunity. That opportunity no one would assume that it is bad until it is too late to figure out and would be stuck in a sweatshop. Or the person would be deceived and trick into thinking he or she would better opportunity in life when in reality the individual is just ending up supplying people with the resources they need with a global trade market. That in a general summary would mean that most third world opportunities that appear are normally thanks to countries like Canada and the United States where they are unable to supply the stuff them self. The second source helps to indicate that there is a massive factor of China’s global connection to Walmart and…

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