Essay about Globalization Of The Slave Trade

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"The slave trade was one of the most profitable commercial ventures in history. At the same time, it was one of the most violent, inhumane, downright murderous episodes in the human saga." The globalization of the slave trade helped build the world 's economy, but it created long lasting racial tensions. Globalization is the interaction of people, countries, and governments of different countries. This effects the countries ' environments, cultures, political systems, and economies. The slave trade is an example of globalization, because it connected the Americas, Europe, and Africa. The earliest slave traders were the Muslims during the medieval times. They took Africans from Sub-Sahara Africa and made them work in their land near the Mediterranean Sea. Some of the slaves were forced to convert to Islam and serve in the Muslim army. The triangle trade started during the fifteenth century. Goods from Europe were sent to Africa, slaves from Africa were sent to the Americas, and raw materials from the Americas were sent to Europe. Ten to twelve million Africans were taken across the Atlantic. One-third of the ten to twelve million died. Portugal transported 46% of the slaves sent across the Atlantic Ocean while Britain transported 28% of the slaves. The Spanish had set up sugar plantations on the island of Hispaniola by 1502. These plantations were known as "tropical dependencies". They focused on producing cash crops such as sugarcane, spices, and…

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