Essay about Globalization Of The North American Free Trade Agreement

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In today’s world of mass communication society has to evolve with theory and policy. One very popular theory that has developed in the late 20th century is Neoliberal Globalization. Neoliberal Globalization is the theory that as individual rights bears, each person is responsible for their own economic betterment in a globalized world. This is based on old liberal ideas, such as laizes faire capitalism, privatization, and deregulation (Mascia-Lees 163). This theory seeing everyone as in an equal starting place for economic freedom make it more difficult for women and minorities to succeed in the economy. This is clear in the case of the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA. The Neoliberal Globalization policy of the North American Free Trade Agreement excessively affects women and gender non conforming people, especially working class women and women of color, in various ways due to the policy’s in tense focus on economic gain rather than helping people succeed. NAFTA will have different effects on Canada and the United States than on Mexico due to differing states of economies, politics, and privileges. The United States and Canada both have many companies that in the search for profits will move to have their companies in a place that will provide a cheap source of labor and avoid the labor laws in both of the countries, which with this trade agreement means moving factories to Mexico to do this. This means closing down factories in these countries that…

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