Globalization, Mcdonaldization, And The Movement Of Culture Essay

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Globalization, McDonaldization, and the Movement of Culture

Mass media infiltrates into every aspect of society and has become impossible to ignore. It is easy to integrate the media into our everyday lives. It becomes a habit and we don’t even think twice when we “thumbprint” into our phones. Many sociologists argue that mass media has deeper meanings and influences in our lives. Before media had become the entity that it is today Gans argued,

“All mass media in the end alienate people from personal experience through appearing to offset it, intensify their moral isolation from each other, from reality and from themselves. One may turn to the mass media when lonely or bored. But mass media, once they become a habit, impair the capacity for a meaningful experience...” (Gans, 1974).

Globalization is the process that uses tools like the media to spread culture and ideas that otherwise would never interact and therefore do the opposite of seclude ourselves, but rather provide opportunity for connections. For example, two McDonald’s lovers in Chicago and London can eat a Big Mac simultaneously while tweeting at the McDonald’s account and serendipitously end up tweeting at each other. Globalization and the media have the potential to create meaningful interactions, spread culture, and allow for personal identity to be developed by interactions taking place that would have otherwise been separated via time and space.
Globalization is often thought of as impersonal market…

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