Globalization Is The Father Of All Things Essay

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Globalization of technology in warfare
Greek philosopher once wrote “war is the father of all things.” Leadership, tactics, and fighting spirit were all key elements to winning a war at one point in time. However the history of the warfare changed when the United States entered the war. It wasn’t about tactics and leadership it became about who could build the best technology and making it better. Technology that we come to know today has evolved and has been used since World War I. Before World War I militaries thought that tactics and strategy win wars, but when WWI started that was no longer true. New technology was needed to top the enemy like machine guns, tanks, and poisonous gas. Before WWI there were guns that men had to load the bullet into the gun after every shot and had a 15 rounds per minute rate of fire; this gun is called a bolt action rifle. At the start of the 20th century a man named Hiram Maxim invented the machine gun and pitched the idea to the British. The British didn’t think that it was necessary for them to have this weapon. After this Maxim went on to see if the German military would use the machine gun. After being satisfied with Maxim’s design the German military used them in WWI with a rate of fire that was 600 rounds per minute, which was a major advantage against the enemy. After seeing this in battle many other countries saw its effectiveness and made their own designs. Tanks were also a thing that didn’t prove themselves successful when…

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