Globalization Is The Exchange Of People, Ideas, And Goods Throughout The World

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Globalization is the exchange of people, ideas, and goods throughout the world. While there are many reasons why globalization has been a benefit to humans, there are also myriad reasons why it has been a tragedy. Globalization and the need to expand have led to wars, genocide, enslavement, exploitation, and erasure of cultures. A few good things have come from globalization, such as the advancements in science and technology, but the cost of these advancements was millions of lives lost or torn apart. The spread of European culture was seen as a great achievement to those who were in favor of imperialism. “It is scarcely possible to calculate the benefits which we might derive from the diffusion of European civilization among the vast population of the East” (Macaulay, Pro-A packet). Europeans believed that by transforming other cultures to be more like their own, they were performing a service for the society which they were absorbing through colonization. The only concern of the Europeans was profit, and other ways they could benefit from their empirical enterprises. “It will now be my task to see that this place in the sun shall remain our undisputed possession, in order that the sun’s rays may fall fruitfully upon our activity and trade in foreign parts…” (Kaiser Wilhelm II, Pro-B packet). “We shall be a conquering people which takes its portion of the world itself!” (Pan-German League, Pro-B packet). Another motive for expansion was competition with other…

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