Globalization Is Sustainable Prosperity For All People Completely

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Globalization contributes to sustainable prosperity for all people completely. Prosperity is anything that 's experiencing growth and success. Prosperous derives from the Latin word prosperus, which means “doing well.” There are many different ways somebody can be going through a period of growth and success in their lifetime. For the ship breakers of Bangladesh risking their lives on a daily basis just to earn $2 for an hour of life threatening labour is something they know all too well. Despite the amounts of pollution ship breaking has and continues to spread amongst the beaches and oceans of the world organizations like the Kyoto
Protocol, bring countries together to fight a different man made problem such as green house gases. These emissions absorb heat and discharge a portion of it back towards our planet’s exterior, which has been known to cause the surface temperature to rise and be greater than it would originally have been before. A few Alternative energy sources have been created to help sustain the many diverse ways of living that exist all over the globe to this present day. Some examples would be solar panels and a wind mill.

Momentous amounts of steel are created once ships have been dismantled. These actions even though the conditions may be harsh for the people do have positive sides to them. The ships themselves play an important part in the lives of many people, not only do the owners of the cargo make a profit, but the workers do as well.…

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