Globalization Is Making Any Impact On The Developing Countries

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The purpose of this research is to figure out if indeed globalization is making any impact on the developing countries. In recent times, there has been much talk about globalization as to whether it is having any direct ramification on the livelihood of people in the developing world. There have been varied views on globalization. This research is to explore if developing countries are benefiting from the labor market as the result of globalization. To better help we understand what globalization means, we have to imagine how life was in twenty years ago where there were no cell phone and internet, meaning limited access to communication.
Many people have divergent meaning to what globalization is all about. Globalization can literally means to some as integration most driven by technology. It can also means the spread of ideas and materials across the world. Globalization is a complex phenomenon often described as the intensification of flow of human activity and connectivity across the globe (held and McGrew 2002) as quoted in Flaten p.623. Globalization and technology are often used interchangeably. The world has become interdependent due to the free flow of goods as a result of globalization. There are some positive strides of globalization on developing countries.
Globalization has created an enormous opportunities for the world’s economy. It created job in exporting industries that pay higher than average. It has given consumers access to a wide range of goods at a…

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